Personalized Baby Gifts Ideas for Men

You never imagined you'd live to see them did you? I learnt about men-only showers through a magazine I subscribe to, but laughed it off as a joke. Then, only a few weeks later, my husband was invited to one by a close friend whose wife was expecting. Male baby showers seem to become more common as parents move away from traditional family structures and the number of single parents is on the rise.

However, this trend poses a very interesting question: What baby gifts should men attending these parties bring? If all men are anything like my husband, you can bet they wouldn't have a clue. The one he described to me sounded like nothing more than a beer, barbeque and a cigar fest, as a bunch of men gathered together for a last celebration before the father-to-be took on parental duties. As such, it would have been too much to expect such a gathering to be the gift-giving occasions female-only showers are intended to be.

Personalized baby gifts were therefore out of the question. Everyone I heard about, including my husband, ended up bringing nothing but diapers and baby wipes, so much so that I expect that the parents wouldn't have run of out diapers and wipes for a good six months.

Baby gift baskets were considered "taboo" as well. The male ego doesn't allow him to rummage around in stores looking for baby bottles or teething rings. Even if he did, he wouldn't want to be caught dead bringing them to a party where all his friends are present. Diapers are safe and not as damaging to the ego as a pacifier.

But I suppose you really can't blame them. Males have traditionally left the role of child-rearing to the mothers and centuries-old habits are hard to change. I suppose their ideas of unique baby gifts are limited to baby bottles shaped like beer mugs, or "lunch" boxes will illustrations of their own favorite childhood superheroes. Well, what can you say to that?